Denver Optometrist Creates Beautiful Artwork

Even after a full day of comprehensive eye exams, Denver optometrist Dr. Ellen Petrilla makes time to head to her art studio and get her creative juices flowing—an act she’s found is good for her mind, body and soul.

All in the Family
As a child, Dr. Ellen Petrilla began her artistic career as a spectator when she first watched her mom transform blank white canvases with only her thoughts and imagination into beautiful portraits and still lifes. It wasn’t long before Ellen, alongside her mom, would paint for hours, leaving toxic fumes to dance around the family home. Today, the imprint of these wonderful memories still warms the doctor’s heart.

Medium of Choice
Denver optometristWhen she’s not seeing patients at Vision Care Specialists, Dr. Petrilla heads to the studio to create abstract paintings with oil colors.

“Oils are more vivid in color and you can build great texture,” explains Dr. Petrilla. Working in oils is certainly an exercise in patience—many of her pieces take up to a year to dry! If you decide to change direction—or color—you might have to wait a week or more to continue.

Painting = The Perfect Complement to Optometry Denver optometrist
During her day job, Dr. Petrilla exercises the scientific, analytical side of her brain, but painting truly frees her mind and soul.

“It allows me to express myself with no judgment, deadlines or limits. Painting also lets me touch upon my vulnerable side, which keeps me sane throughout the journey,” said Dr. Petrilla.

Although as a college and optometry student Dr. Petrilla couldn’t afford the expense of her hobby, she picked up her paintbrush 10 years ago and has been painting ever since.

Make Time for the Things You Love
With Vision Care Specialists’ busy practice, Dr. Petrilla knows better than anyone how hard it is to find time to commit to the hobbies you love.

“I sometimes have to force myself to get to the studio after a long day at work. Once I set my intention and arrive at the studio, I end up staying there for hours. It truly does set my spirit free, and those moments are always very energizing. If you really love something, you will always find time for it,” said Dr. Petrilla.

How to Use This Information
Denver optometristYou can experience Dr. Petrilla’s work by visiting her studio at 808 W. 9th Avenue in the Santa Fe Art District as well as by stopping by Vision Care Specialists’ downtown office where we can also assess your vision needs with our exclusive LifeFit Approach. Please give us a call at 303-991-9600 or contact us online to schedule your appointment today.

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