Denver Optometrists Recommend Lens Friends to Help Your Kids with Contacts

You know how great contacts can be; they look good and are one less thing to worry about losing over the course of the day. Plus, with the right lenses and proper care, they can be super comfortable. Savvy kids and teens are often interested in trying contacts, in fact, more than 79% of teenagers prefer contacts to glasses. So if you have a child in glasses, it might not be long until they are looking to make the leap to contacts. That’s why the Denver optometrists of Vision Care Specialists recommend the Lens Friends program to help in this transition.

It’s important to use contacts safely and develop a routine for contact hygiene in order to keep their eyes healthy, avoid infection, and wear contacts comfortably. This responsibility can pose a challenge to some kids, which is where Lens Friends comes in to help.

Vision Care Specialists’ certified technicians are specially trained in children’s contact lens adoption.  They work closely with your child to support them as they make the transition to contact lenses. Lens Friends provides all of the following:

  • Fun, one-on-one training on contacts handling
  • One week supply of demo lenses
  • Do’s and Don’t tip sheet for home practice
  • Contact lens care and handling instructions
  • Week one follow-up coaching and adjustments
  •  Cool prizes and achievement certificate

If your kids are curious about contacts, consider helping them get off on the right foot with Lens Friends!

How To Use This Information
When your children start asking about moving to contacts, let the Vision Care Specialists’ Lens Friends get them off to a great start for a lifetime of comfort and safety.  To schedule an appointment, call today at 303-991-9600 or schedule online.  We’ll get your child fitted for contacts, trained and equipped with the right trial lenses.
Have your kids expressed an interest in contacts? Do you think they might benefit from Lens Friends?