Discover Denver Escape Rooms

Denver is known for its wide array of recreation options: from microbreweries to hitting the slopes, fun is all around! More recently, Denver has become known as a stronghold for an intriguing new activity: Real-life escape rooms. According to Wikipedia, escape rooms originated in Silicon Valley in 2006 inspired by the works of Agatha Christie. Popular with mystery and puzzle lovers, escape room games are a physical adventure where groups of people are locked into a room where they need to use clues to plot their escape within an allotted time limit.

For about $30 for an hour and a half session, participants work together to solve the puzzle and plot their escape. While this may sound like a claustrophobic’s nightmare, most people find it to be a fun and different way to socialize that goes beyond the bar.

Some puzzling enthusiasts swear that Denver escape rooms are cozy, not scary, and foster a sense of camaraderie and intellectual excitement. The concept, which became popular first in Europe and Asia, is now taking hold in the U.S., with Denver as a pioneering locale.

The types of puzzles and clues range from decoding riddles, scavenger hunt style tricks, clues, and mathematical puzzles, to name a few. The thrill of a haunted house combined with the team dynamics of a sports match and the intellectual stimulation of a chess tournament form a unique way to spend an evening. You can puzzle with strangers or in a group of your own making, depending on the venue and your booking.

Here a few popular Denver venues to check out if you’re up for the challenge:

  • The Clue Room: Based in Centennial, this is Colorado’s original live escape game. Each game is a sixty minute experience and $28 per person. Themed rooms are the venue’s claim to fame.
  • Puzzaah: This LoDo game room is known for its “Tick Tock” bomb threat room, which features cinematic effects to up the excitement. Puzzah also offers events for groups, corporate team-building, and classroom learning.
  • Epic Escape Game: Epic is known for its zombie, supernatural, and Colorado gold-rush themed events.
  • Denver Escape Room: This Northglenn venue is known for its challenging puzzles and intricate storylines.
  • Enigma: If you want to head to Boulder for some escapist fun, Enigma is the place to go! 8 person challenges last sixty minutes and is $26 per person.


More and more escape rooms are opening in Denver and around the country, as well as internationally! Challenge yourself and your friends to a great escape.

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