Dr. Paul Hulse Joins Vision Care Specialists’ Team

Demand for high quality, full-service eye care continues to grow in Denver. Vision Care Specialists is thrilled to add Dr. Paul Hulse to our team to keep up with patient growth in our Lakewood and Aurora offices. Dr. Hulse brings a wealth of experience in general vision, as well as specialties in:

  • Diabetic eye disease
  • Vision problems related to brain injury
  • Children’s vision
  • Vision therapy

Dr. Hulse completed a residency in vision rehabilitation at the State University of New York where he worked extensively with pediatric patients in the management of vision tracking and teaming disorders focusing on improving reading and school performance. He also worked with traumatic brain injury patients on problems ranging from double vision, visual field cuts, and motion hypersensitivity.brings an impressive background in the treatment of vision issues related to traumatic brain injury and treatment of children’s vision tracking and teaming disorders.

Paul works closely with patients of all ages to explain their vision correction options and recommend the best fit for each patient’s needs, personal style and budget.

“My appointment with Dr. Hulse was the best eye appointment I've ever had. He is easy going, punctual and professional. He explained everything he was doing and why he did it as well as making sure to answer any questions that I had. He was not condescending or impatient. I would give him 5 star bedside manner. His staff was very friendly and helpful. They make a fabulous team.”

— Lakewood Patient

If it’s time for a comprehensive eye exam in Aurora or Lakewood, call now to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hulse.