Enhance Your Performance with Sports Glasses this Summer

It’s springtime in Colorado, time to head outside and start enjoying the sports we love. As the thinnest state in the nation, Colorado is also one of the most active.  Whether you enjoy golf, tennis, biking, hiking, or marathon running, the right sports glasses can protect your eyes and improve your game.

Let’s start with protection.  One of the reasons Coloradans are so active is that we enjoy 300 days of sunshine a year.  In the summer months, this can be brutal on the eyes.  Ultraviolet (UV) rays are particularly intense at higher altitudes and can be linked to many serious eye diseases.  They are the main causes of eyelid and eye cancers and are a major contributor to cataracts and macular degeneration.  Corneal sunburns are both painful and can result in lasting damage that cannot be reversed.

Protect your eyes when playing outside this summer with polarized sunglasses that have UV400 or greater protection.  Vision Care Specialists carries a full line of prescription and non-prescription sunglasses right for whatever activity you may be pursuing. Oakley, Maui Jim, RayBan, and other brands will help you protect your eyes from damaging UV rays.  For maximum protection and performance look for sunglasses with a wider field of vision—wrap frames will help minimize peripheral distortion and better protect your eyes from the sunlight.

However, depending on your sport, sun-protection isn’t the only type of protection you may need.  If you love racquetball, squash, basketball, lacrosse, hockey or other sports where contact is likely, you may want to consider sports glasses that will provide greater safety and protection.  Over 600,000 eye-related injuries occur each year from sports and 90% of these could be prevented by the use of the right protective eyewear.  If you or your children play any of these rougher sports, consider getting some Rec Specs with certified impact protection.  They are designed for greater flexibility and padding so they are unlikely to break on impact or result in facial or eye-related injury.

Sun and impact protection is a must, but will they improve your game?  If you’re a golfer, tennis player, or enjoy hunting or an outing to the shooting range, your everyday glasses may not be maximizing your performance.   Shamir and other lens manufacturers have created lenses that enhance your ability to keep your eye on the ball.  For target sports, peripheral vision is critical.  Players need to focus on the target while also seeing what they are aiming for.  Sports lenses designed to ensure clear vision across multiple focal points have been proven to enhance accuracy.  So if you’re a tennis player trying to paint the lines this summer, a golfer looking to shave a few point off your game or a marksman looking for the bull’s eye, talk to the certified opticians and Vision Care Specialists about the right sports lenses for you.

How to Use This Information

All of us weekend warriors want to protect ourselves from injury so we can continue to pursue the outdoor activities we love.  We buy the right shoes and gear to protect our bodies and enhance our games.  This year, when gearing up, don’t forget your eyes.  The right sports glasses can provide the protection and vision enhancement you need to be on your game every time.  Call Vision Care Specialists today at 303-991-9600 to get fitted for your performance glasses today.