Exciting Innovations in Eye Care Unveiled at Vision Expo East

The International Vision Expo and Conference just wrapped up its Eastern conference in New York City. The Vision Expo is an exciting time in the vision care industry. It is one of two large annual conferences where industry leaders come together to share discoveries, new technologies, and exciting innovations to help improve vision care.

This year’s Vision Expo East provided clinicians with over 330 hours of education, focused on three core competencies: disease, diagnosis and treatment, clinical application of products, and healthy business solutions. In addition, the Expo was home to a large show where leaders in eye care could see new products that can influence every aspect of vision care from medical technologies to new lenses.

Faster, Easier Glaucoma Testing

One particularly exciting innovation unveiled at Vision Expo East was the Diaton TonomoeterDiaton Tonomoeter - vision care specialists. A pen-sized device that measures intraocular pressure for glaucoma testing through the eyelid.  For years, the only way to measure intraocular pressure was through extreme dilation using numbing eye drops prior to examination. Vision Care Specialists uses Optos retinal imaging for detailed intraocular reads without dilation.  The new Diaton Tonometer allows intraocular pressure to be tested through the eyelid making intraocular pressure reads even easier for patients.

Still More Improvements in Contact Lenses

Alcon, maker of the popular Dalies Total 1 lenses, is also developing exciting new technology. They are working on a glucose sensing contact, which would allow a patient and their doctor to monitor blood glucose levels in real-time, taken painlessly through the contact lens. The patient would receive a notification via a receiver if their glucose level was falling. These lens could help patients better monitor their glucose levels, and make that feedback available for physicians. Additionally, Alcon, a company that has made great strides in contact comfort and fighting eye dryness, is working on an accommodating contact lens. This lens would adjust to help the patient see better, accommodating for sight conditions.

Several experts spoke on the under-penetration of contact lenses urging practitioners to take more aggressive steps to prescribe contacts to currently untreated patients and those who would benefit from newer contact lens technologies such as multi-focal, toric and customized lenses.

The Vision Expo East was an exciting and productive conference for vision care leaders, who are already looking forward to Vision Expo West. in September.  Vision innovation continues to develop and the field is growing every day!

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