Eye Exams Denver: Local ODs Volunteer At Schools

Proper vision care is essential, but it is a privilege not everyone can afford. Worldwide, only a small minority of people have access to proper vision care or eyeglasses; it’s a global health issue that several Vision Care Specialists employees like Adrian Miller have traveled abroad to help address. But even in the U.S., many people lack the resources, insurance coverage, or transportation to ensure proper eye care. That’s why Vision Care Specialists is working with the Essilor Vision Foundation to provide the eye exams Denver students need.

Since 2008, the award-winning Essilor Vision Foundation and its Kids Vision For Life (KVFL) program have worked to ensure proper vision care and treatment to underresourced students at no cost to the family. Relying on generous donations of time and money from opticians, optometrists, and ophthalmologists around the country. KVFL has launched 13 need-based regional programs focused on schools where 80% of students qualify for free or reduced lunch. So far, KVFL has provided 168,000 screenings, 62,000 eye exams, and 58,000 new prescription glasses to children in need.

Eye Exams DenverThis year, Vision Care Specialists optometrists, Lee Guo, Chu Jeong, and Sarah Thompson volunteered at Denver-area schools as part of the KVFL program. Students are perhaps the demographic where vision assistance is most needed. More than 20% of school students suffer from vision impairment, 80% of which is easily treated. However, even where school eye exams are in place, poor vision often goes unaddressed as many families lack the resources to pay for glasses or follow-up exams. The result can impact student focus and performance and often leads to false diagnoses of attention deficit disorders. Working with KVFL, Vision Care Specialists has been able to provide many Denver elementary school students with needed eye exams and glasses that will have long-term impact on their academic performance.

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Dr. Sarah Thompson Vision Care SpecialistsIs anyone in your household overdue for an eye exam? Don’t wait another day. Student and adult success can be impacted by impaired vision and Vision Care Specialists can help. Not only are we here to provide the eye exams Denver students so badly need, but we also serve just about every other vision issue, from glasses and contacts to LASIK surgery. Call us anytime at (303) 991-9600 or contact us online!

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