Eye Glasses Colorado: Buyer Beware With Online Glasses

The Internet is great for a lot of things: contacting friends, reading the news, looking up facts, and finding great deals on items you want to buy. Indeed, the expanse of the Internet holds discounts often inconceivable in retail stores. But not all deals should be trusted, since it’s impossible to test the quality, sizing, and sturdiness of items you find in cyberspace. This holds true for clothes, shoes, and especially eye glasses.  Instead of gambling on low-cost, low-quality internet glasses, come to Vision Care Specialists and browse the best eye glasses Colorado offers.

Last year, a UK consumer advocacy group conducted a study of online eyeglass retailers. They purchased 36 pairs of glasses from 13 different online retailers then had these tested by a panel of optometrists.  15 of the 36 pairs failed to meet basic quality standards, and the more complex the prescription, the more likely it was to fail.  See below for some common pitfalls with buying glasses online:

  • Inaccurate sizing – many online eyeglass retailers don’t ask for vital measurements like interpupillary distance (PD) or vertical pupil position. Knowing these measurements is crucial for placing and angling glass lenses; getting them wrong can impact the user’s vision and appearance.
  • Unlawful sales – some internet glasses retailers don’t ask to see a doctor’s eye glass or contact lens prescription, which is flat-out illegal and punishable in a court of law. Don’t get involved with one of these operations.
  • Poor lens quality – one way online retailers keep prices low is to use inferior lens materials and manufacturing processes.  This can impact vision quality especially in higher prescriptions.
  • No fitting support – even if glasses are properly sized, they need to be custom fitted to your face for comfort and appearance.  Also, lower quality frames need more frequent adjustments overtime.
  • Difficult to resolve complaints – if you’re not happy with the glasses you buy online, returning them or getting issues resolved is often a big problem


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