Eye Surgery Denver: Vision Care Specialists Introduces New Tango Laser!

The eye doctors of Vision Care Specialists have a new addition to their Denver eye surgery team! We are proud to introduce the Tango Essex laser! The Tango is the safest and most precise laser available. It performs both YAG and SLT procedures to improve vision impacted by conditions such as cataracts and glaucoma.

The Tango laser has numerous surgical advantages. It is a highly precise laser that delivers targeted energy to the eye. The Tango laser allows our surgical team to adjust the laser to the exact needs of your eye. The result is a more successful surgery with fewer risks of side effects or complications.

The Tango is housed at the Vision Care Specialists Lakewood office. Having the Laser in office saves patients both time and money, because it eliminates the need for a facility fee. The convenience and cost-effectiveness of our Tango laser could save you thousands of dollars while quickly and painlessly restoring your vision!

Learn more about all of the Vision Care Specialists surgical capabilities and see if our new laser could help you achieve better vision and healthier eyes! Vision Care Specialists’ surgical vision solutions and complete vision care could be the key to your best vision ever!

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Can Vision Care Specialists’ new Tango laser be the vision solution you’ve been searching for?