Eyeglass Fashions Denver: Eying the Fashion of the Famous

Sometimes it can be hard to tell whether celebrities set the trends or follow them, but America certainly looks to Hollywood for its fashion guidance. Even if a certain style gets its start (or comeback) on the runway, it rarely makes a big splash before it graces the red carpet. Thankfully, Hollywood is full of actors who are bold enough to pick up styles that might otherwise be dismissed as shocking, geeky, or passé.

We here in the eyeglasses business certainly know how much celebrities help popularize and preserve certain trends. Here are four faces from the silver screen—two best known for their style and sexiness, two for their humor—whose personal brand and style have changed America’s taste in eyewear.

Actress and heartthrob Mila Kunis has become a style icon for her versatile taste in apparel. Sporting more casual wear on That ‘70s Show and Forgetting Sarah Marshall, you’ll see her at ceremonies and photo-shoots in all sorts of dresses: from short to long, ruffled to sleek, subtle to shiny, plain to patterned, with two to one to zero straps, and always stunning. Her long, sleek, black hair usually frames a pair of Jackie O sunglasses, a style that Mila and other actresses have proven an essential element of the current ‘60s fashion revival.

Parks and Recreation funny-girl Rashida Jones initially left fashion hawks unimpressed, but nowadays they’re taking tips from her.  A casual but elegant dresser, Rashida has shown today’s women’s blazers to be far from a faux-pas. Her experimental hairstyles—from brown bangs to a messy side-braid—accompany her Buddy Holly-style thick frames, an excellent take on the horn-rim glasses comeback. The light eye makeup and strong lipstick she pairs with her seriously simple glasses give her a smart look (fitting for a Harvard grad).

When the overweight, curly-haired comedian Seth Rogen premiered as an unshaven, pot-smoking bum in The 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up, and Pineapple Express, Christian Dior rolled over in his grave. But after Seth dropped some serious pounds and tried out some simple and stylish thick black frames—sometimes full frame, sometimes half frame, sometimes with some silver touches—the critics agreed that he now looks pretty good in a suit.

But no one rocks a suit like superstar George Clooney, who has become the Hollywood (if not global) authority on men’s fashion, cadence, and sex appeal. From a modest Kentucky boy to a pretty boy on ER to an Oscar-winning actor, director, and screenwriter, George’s style has matured with his career, and now, still one of Hollywood’s hottest bachelors at 52, he is showing men how to dress. With dapper hair that he claims to cut himself, George has maintained the status of suits, usually sporting a monochromatic, no-nonsense jacket over a black polo (but no tie). Often found sporting a pair of aviator sunglasses, this man never looks bad.

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