As the leaves and weather begin to change, so do eyewear trends!

Your fashion reflects your style, and your glasses are no exception! As you pack away those shorts and tank tops and exchange them for sweaters and comfy denim, you should also be switching out your summer glasses for new, fall-friendly frames.

Make sure your glasses are changing along with the seasons with these 2019 trends in fall eyewear!



When you think of the fall season, one of the images that pops into everyone’s head is that of falling leaves. As the weather grows colder and the winds stronger, it’s impossible to not notice the colorful leaves falling all around us. These fallen leaves don’t come in just one standard color. Instead, they’re various shades and tones of orange, red, and yellow.

Mid-tone frames aren’t one solid color either. They’re neither dark nor light and are often a mixture of colors — almost as if the frames are morphing and changing themselves!

Blue, gray, and tortoiseshell mid-tone colored frames are perfect for the transition to fall.

Clear White Coture

Clear White Couture

On the opposite end of the spectrum are clear, white frames. Clear frames have been at the frontline of eyewear fashion trends throughout 2019, and it appears they’re here to stay!

Clear white frames are both subtle and effortlessly cool. The white tint to clear frames gives them a frosty, icy look, which perfectly complements the change in weather from fall to winter.

These frames are best suited for both men and women who are trendy and fashion forward.

Clear White Coture
Winter Ready Wire

Winter Ready Wire

Trends may fall out of fashion, but that doesn’t mean they can’t make a comeback!

Vintage-shaped frames, especially those with wire rims, are all the style this fall. The thin wire frame complements larger lenses, like those in aviator glasses, without overwhelming the wearer.

Wire rimmed glasses are lightweight, yet sturdy, which is perfect for the changing of the seasons.

Semi Rimless Sophistication

Semi-Rimless Sophistication

Semi-rimless glasses with a strong brow line are both practical and stylish. Suitable for men and women, these frames are a balanced mixture between thick and thin.

Slim and elegant, yet strong enough to make a statement, semi-rimless frames are perfect for the work environment, these frames give their wearer confidence, sophistication, and style.

Want to find a trendy, fall-appropriate frame that’ll set you apart from the competition? Look no further then semi-rimless glasses.

Semi Rimless Sophistication
Bring on the Bling

Bring on the Bling

If you’re one of those people who brings out their winter holiday decorations as soon as the weather feels just a bit chilly, then bedazzled eyeglasses are for you!

Sparkly or bedazzled accents on your frames are perfect compliments to the frosty weather around you. These frames will accent any outfit, making sure you sparkle just as much as the surrounding snow and holiday lights.

For the transition from fall to winter, frames with a little bling are all the fashion.