Fashion Trends for Summer 2013

Fashion trends are like weather patterns: volatile, unpredictable, and always trying to outdo last year’s hotness. Keeping track of what’s in is hard enough, let alone applying it to your own style. Good thing Vision Care Specialists did some of the work for you and can key you up on how to stay (or become) hip and happening! These male and female styles have been common on the catwalks lately, setting trends among high-profile celebrities and high school sophomores. If you haven’t seen them around yet, you will soon—maybe even in your mirror!

Ladies, you know what summer means: time to step it up. This year, trade those cardigans for crop tops; switch those sweatpants to slogan shirts; change from maxi skirts to midi skirts. This is also the year to bring back the Swingin’ Sixties, and you can do that in any number of ways:

  • Floral patterns or faux flowers
  • Stripes on everything!
  • Metallic or holographic sheen
  • Color clashing
  • Lucite heels
  • Big, bold Jackie O sunglasses

Also, don’t forget to try on some summer blazers. Either to balance an outfit’s color scheme, to widen your top and make your legs look more slender, or to make a tight or revealing outfit more workplace-appropriate, don’t pack up your blazers for the summer. Last, pick up a trendy pair of overalls or shortalls: denim, khaki, or corduroy, pocketed, buttoned, or printed with flowers, and over a polo, t-shirt, or tube-top, this is a fun and retro trend you don’t want to miss!

Now let’s not leave the men out of this. Buckle up, boys; you can have just as much fun as the ladies with your Summer 2013 style. Lose the trench coats for swim trunks and the earmuffs for aviators. Slim, tailored swim suits are hot this year. Even if you don’t have the body to match, some trim trunks in a basic color that goes about halfway down the thigh will make you prince of the pool and boss of the beach. And for not just water-wear but for your whole wardrobe, these colors are hot this summer:

  • Mustard yellow
  • Bright ocean blue
  • Tobacco brown
  • Shale gray
  • Rustic reds, pinks, and maroons
  • Metallic sheen
  • More stripes!

Apply these colors to your club-wear, sport gear, or finest suit, and you will exude freshness. And do not be afraid to clash colors and patterns! (Hint: to make a pattern clash look intentional, choose two patterns of different sizes.) Finally, make sure you keep your eyes safe from the summer sun and tie your getup together with the right shades. Select a pair that is provides 100% UVA and UVB protection.  Then choose a pair that radiates your personal cool.  Vision Care Specialists has over 1200 frames in stock, so whether you’re going for retro or avant garde, you are sure to find frames that express your unique style.

How to use this Information

We here at Vision Care Specialists care about your fashion and making sure your look lives up to your personality. Our LifeFit Approach will set you up with the perfect Colorado eyewear for however you choose to spend your summer. We are the premier sunglasses and eyeglass fashion source in Denver, so come on in to complete your summer style.

Tell us any other fashion trends that will be hot this summer, eyewear or otherwise. Or, tell us how you match your glasses with your outfits!