Frisbee Golf: See the Best Disc Golf Courses in Colorado

Now that summer has come to Colorado, everybody is looking for ways to enjoy the outdoors. For some, that means conquering the Rocky Mountains, and all the activities they offer hiking, biking, rock climbing, kayaking, you name it. For others, it means sports and games on fields, parks, and backyards, everything from soccer to badminton. But many of our employees and patients at Vision Care Specialists enjoy an activity that combines the best of both worlds: disc golf. Colorado has many tremendous disc golf courses to enjoy, and Vision Care Specialists offers the sports vision care necessary to get the most out of your summer fun.

First, what is disc golf? Not to be confused with Ultimate Frisbee—the field-based team sport with rules similar to soccer—disc golf involves players throwing small plastic discs into metal cages in as few throws as possible. Like regular golf, it can be played solo or with groups, and even more so than regular golf, the courses often wind through gorgeous landscapes, giving players a scenic hike in addition to a fun game! And the good news is, most courses are very cheap—and some are free, if you bring your own discs.

Whether you’re an experienced disc golfer or a tentative first-timer, these are some great Colorado disc golf courses you might want to check out this summer:

  • Beaver Ranch—Conifer, CO: A great course with unbeatable mountain views less than an hour from Denver, Beaver Ranch is a must-play disc golf course. And it’s only $5 to play!
  • Golden Eagle—Bellvue, CO: Just a few minutes outside Fort Collins, Golden Eagle is another great disc golf course with spectacular scenery, a great option for residents of the northern Front Range. At just $3 per round and $5 for an all-day pass, it’s hard to say no.
  • Colorado Mountain College—Leadville, CO: At 11,000 feet and in the shadow of Colorado’s two highest Fourteeners, Mt. Elbert and Mt. Massive, Leadville is the iconic mountain town. And right behind the Leadville campus of Colorado Mountain College lies the school’s own disc golf course. The views are unbelievable—just check the weather forecast before you go!
  • Winter Park Resort—Winter Park, CO: This ski mountain doesn’t lose its fun come summertime. For $10, you can ride the chairlift to the top of the mountain and play its spectacular disc golf course, and for just $5 extra, you can ride the alpine slide down!
  • Village Greens—Greenwood Village, CO: In the Denver suburbs near Cherry Creek State Park, the Village Green course proves that the prairie has a beauty and play-ability of its own. Watch out for prairie dogs on this course’s rolling hills. It’s absolutely free, but bring your own disc!

Ready to get your disc golf game on? Make sure you have a good view of the course. Come to Vision Care Specialists for a sports vision check-up so you can see and enjoy the Colorado outdoors the best way possible. Call Vision Care Specialists at (303) 991-9600 or contact us online.