Given Up on Denver Contact Lenses? Try Again

Have you tried to wear contact lenses in Colorado, but then reverted back to eyeglasses for relief from dry, stinging eyes? In the past, Colorado’s sunny climate and high altitude proved to be a worthy nemesis for many contact-wearers. As a result, many people just gave up contacts for everyday wear over the years, and only used them for special occasions when eyeglass frames would be cumbersome.

Others wanted to wear contacts for everyday wear but were prevented from enjoying a frameless lifestyle because they were not good candidates for contacts due to the nature of their correction.

Well, it’s time to take another look. Our next-generation contact lenses are more comfortable than anything you’ve tried before, and we have new technologies that cater to people who were previously told they couldn’t wear contacts:

• Superior surface hydration mimics the water content of the eye

• Improved oxygen permeability – 9 out of 10 patients report feeling nothing at all!

• Multifocal lenses that really work

• Astigmatism? No problem. Try our new toric lenses

Take Our Contact Lens Comfort Challenge
We are so sure you’re going to agree that these are the best contacts you have ever tried, that we’re launching our Comfort Challenge. Here’s how it works!

  1. Schedule an exam and/or contact fitting today.
  2. We’ll give you a contact lens refresher course and a supply of free trial lenses.
  3. If you spread the word that these are the best lenses you have ever tried, we’ll give you a $50 Visa gift card.*

*Applies to premium contact lenses only, some restrictions apply

How to Use This Information

Vision Care Specialists has the latest contact lens technologies not available at optical mass merchandisers and the expertise to fit you for these next-generation lenses. Our Colorado eye doctors evaluate, fit, and prescribe specialty lenses for challenging vision issues. Call us today at 303-991-9600 to sign up for the Contact Lens Comfort Challenge or schedule your contact fitting appointment online.

What has made you stop wearing or not considered contact lenses in the past?