HIPAA Security Awareness

HIPAA Security Protect Electronic Patient Information

Maintain Secure Computer Practices

  • Never share passwords
  • Turn monitors away from public view
  • Never open suspicious emails or email attachments
  • Clear desk of Protected Health Information and lock or log off computers before walking away
  • Use caution when visiting unfamiliar websites

HIPAA & Social Media

  • Never share patient information on social media sites
  • Never use personal cell phones or electronic devices to share patient information

Accessing Medical Records

  • Access medical records for payment, treatment, and operations only
  • Medical record activity is monitored – do not access a record unless required to perform your job duties
  • Do not read your own medical records or the medical records of your family members, co-workers, friends or neighbors

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Compliance/Privacy Officer:

Illegal use or disclosure of patient health information could result in disciplinary action, termination, and fines levied against VCS and/or VCS staff.
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