Jimmy Choo

If there is one name in modern fashion that brings to mind a sense of affluence and playful opulence, it’s Jimmy Choo. For nearly 20 years, the brand has been spoken in the same breath as Chanel and Gucci, associated with the brightest lights in celebrity. While Jimmy Choo made his name initially with shoes, the brand has branched out into all areas of fashion, including eyewear.
Jimmy Choo

East Enders

Jimmy Choo started out as a custom-made shoemaker in the early 1990s. He attracted jet setting clientele around the world, including Princess Diana. By the mid-’90s, he’d started a company with his niece, Sandra Choi, and began to expand into other areas of fashion.

Today, Jimmy Choo’s brand covers everything from shoes to handbags to hats. No globetrotting fashionista would be complete without at least one pair of Jimmy Choo sunglasses.

Choose Your Look

The core of Jimmy Choo eyewear style is about obtainable luxury. The opulent design elements go from retro chic to runway ready. The style can change with your mood or setting. Many styles contain Swarovski crystals and palladium. Some unique eyewear pieces feature detachable components.

Part of a Whole

The eyewear is instantly recognizable as Jimmy Choo, making it effortless to mix and match with other Jimmy Choo accessories.

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