Kate Spade

Kate Spade

A lot of people dream about covering their favorite industries and reporting on them. Some people discover that’s just not enough for them. Instead of talking about the latest trends in fashion, some discover that they want to create them because no one else is catering to their particular sense of style. A case in point: Kate Spade

Dealer’s Choice

Kate Spade started out working for Mademoiselle magazine, eventually becoming an editor covering accessories. She became keenly aware of what she found attractive in the market. There wasn’t much that impressed Kate. In 1991, she left Mademoiselle and, with the help of her husband Andy, she launched a line of handbags that suited her particular sensibilities: simple styling, bright colors that lifted the everyday sense of fashion to another level. From there, she branched out into other areas of the fashion world, eventually launching an eyewear line.

In Spades

The strength of the Kate Spade eyewear line is not only in handcrafting or distinctive materials. Much like the earlier components of the brand, such as her handbags and other accessories, Kate Spade eyewear relies on adding a twist to what we consider vintage style. It’s hard to miss the classic ’50s and ’60s vibe in terms of the shapes of the frames. Combined with bold color palettes and unique twists in design, Kate adds a sense of whimsy to her eyewear.

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