Laser Cataract Surgery – Client Testimonials

“My experience with the laser cataract surgery at Vision Care was good. Everything went well. I am very pleased!” – Donna H.

“I was confident that I made my choice to have laser cataract surgery at Vision Care. My vision is getting better and better over time.” – Susan S.

“I was nervous going into surgery but I was excited because I was looking forward to getting rid of my cataracts as soon as possible. The laser surgery was amazing. There was no pain and I was wide awake the whole time.”– Nancy J.

“My surgery was a success! I have great clarity in both eyes. Thank you Dr. K and Vision Care.” – Chris N.

“I was tired of waiting of waiting for traditional cataract surgery. Thankfully Vision Care has this new technology that gave me an option to have cataract surgery when I was ready.” – Terry H.

“I was a little nervous for my laser cataract surgery procedure. Fortunately, the wonderful staff and doctors at Vision Care were there to relax me. I’m starting to see better every day. The Vision Care staff and doctors were excellent!” – Roberta S.  

“I figured laser cataract surgery would be more flawless than traditional cataract surgery and I’m glad Vision Care gave me a choice. My eyesight was 20/300 before the surgery and right after my procedure I was 20/40…and improving every day. Dr. K explained everything to me and was very positive. He did a GREAT job!” – Robert E.

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