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We know the idea of laser surgery on your eyes can be a little overwhelming. The expert team at Vision Care Specialists provide LASIK eye surgery in Lakewood, and 4 other offices in the Denver metro area We offer you the experience, technology and care plan that will make your LASIK experience the best it can be.

Experienced Doctors

Our experienced staff has been trained to provide you with an exceptional LASIK experience. Our doctors know the LASIK procedure inside and out and they will begin by assisting you with a free LASIK screening and consultation, to determine if you are a perfect candidate for the procedure.

We will also provide you with your own Personal LASIK Care Coordinator to assist you with all pre- and post-operative steps.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We use the latest technology provide you with the best results. At Vision Care Specialists in Lakewood, we use the Allegretto Wave Eye-Q laser system, and we wouldn’t trust your eyes to anything less.

The new Allegretto system is advanced in many ways.

  1. The Allegretto system provides a larger optic treatment zone. This means you will see through a completely corrected cornea.
  2. It helps to eliminate night vision problems that have been reported with previous laser surgery technologies.
  3. The new Allegretto laser system allows for treatment of higher degrees of myopia. It actually doubles the range of other LASIK systems.
  4. This new technology has an increased rate of speed and a higher efficiency rate. This helps to decrease the chance of complications and any need for retreatment.

Customer Care

At Vision Care Specialists, we provide our patients with a comprehensive care plan. Unlike those of other providers, our care plan covers all your LASIK eye surgery needs before, during and after your LASIK procedure.

The price we quote covers all of the care you need, from the initial screening and consultation to your post-operative appointments.

We also provide you with our signature Lifetime Enhancement Program that covers any LASIK procedures within the first two years of surgery. If you need any LASIK retreatments during this time, there is no charge.

If you are in the Lakewood, Colorado area, call click to schedule your appointment with us today! Your LASIK screening and consultation is absolutely free.

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