LASIK Surgery Denver: New Research Supports Benefits of LASIK Procedure

The results are in and it’s good news for prospective LASIK patients! The United States Food and Drug Administration has released its long-awaited comprehensive multi-study review of LASIK surgery’s efficacy and safety. The eye doctors of Vision Care Specialists agree with the findings. LASIK surgery Denver is a safe procedure that can radically improve patients’ vision.

Refractive surgeons present at the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s recent meeting were happy to hear that the FDA found that in over 95% of survey respondents achieved 20/20 vision or better after their LASIK procedure. In addition, findings support that other symptoms such as ghosting and glare do not increase after the procedure, but may even be alleviated with LASIK surgery, as well! Furthermore, the FDA reported a low risk of side effects and complications, and most normal post-surgical discomfort or visual side effects completely resolve within six months of the procedure.

This is great news for anyone considering LASIK surgery, a common procedure that has already been performed more than 16 million times in the U.S. in the last two decades. LASIK surgery is an outpatient FDA-approved procedure that uses laser technology to adjust corneal shape in order to improve vision and reduce or even eliminate the need for contacts or glasses. The painless procedure utilizes anesthetic drops to numb the eye’s surface as a laser reshapes the cornea. Most patients are able to see clearly enough to return to work the next day, and vision rapidly improves and is typically completely clear within six months.

These procedures may be right for you! Let Vision Care Specialists reshape the way you see LASIK and improve your vision for years and years to come!

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