LifeFit™ Savings

With LifeFit™ Savings Get Your Second Pair For Less!

You don’t sport the same shoes, clothes or jewelry every day, so why would you wear the same glasses?  Your eye wear is just another way to express your personal brand.  And at Vision Care Specialists we want to help, that’s why we’ve created LifeFit™ Savings.

With LifeFit™ Savings if you purchase one pair of glasses or an annual supply of contact lenses, you can receive 20% off an additional pair of glasses or 25% of non-prescription sunglasses any time within the next 90 days.

20% OFF an Additional Pair!

It’s that easy.  So if you just can’t decide today or are regretting not picking up that other frame, there’s still time.  Stop by your nearest Vision Care Specialists location and we’ll get you fitted out in some glasses that match your unique lifestyle and look.

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