Like Yoga for Your Eyes: Five Relaxation Exercises to Help Relieve Pain

Rapid Blinking -Eye YogaWondering about the cause of eye strain? Eye strain symptoms like redness, dryness and itchy, burning eyes can make it difficult for you to focus and get things done. The most likely culprit: the screens you use every day at work and home.

Many computer and smartphone screens use powerful blue light as part of their backlight system. This light is so intense, long-term exposure can actually damage your eyes. However, even if you are using more eye-friendly technology, you can still experience strain occasionally.

Luckily, digital eye strain treatment can be performed right at your desk.

Try these approaches to achieve relief faster:

Distant Focusing

The most basic exercise for eye strain relief consists of simply looking away from your monitor. You should focus your vision on a distant object for 10 seconds, close your eyes and then repeat the process. If you’re in an office, simply focus on something you can see on the far wall.


Rub your hands together briefly to warm them, then close your eyes and place the heel of your hands gently over them. Without touching the eyes directly, allow your hands to block out the light around you. For up to 60 seconds, breathe slowly and deeply before dropping your hands.

Eye Rolling

Sit upright with your back, neck and shoulders straight. Then take three long, deep breaths while focusing on reducing the tension in your eyes and face. Once you’ve done so, slowly rotate your eyes clockwise. Keep your attention gently focused on your peripheral vision as you do.

Focus Shifting

Stand up straight while holding your arm out directly in front of you. Raise the thumb of your hand as if giving a “thumbs up” sign. Focus your vision on the thumb as you slowly move it toward you. When it gets too close to focus on, slowly move it back out, maintaining focus.

Rapid Blinking

Done correctly, rapid blinking can enhance vision and protect the eyes by stimulating the body’s natural ability to moisten them. Start by sitting comfortably with your eyes open, then blink 10 times in rapid succession. At the end of 10 blinks, keep your eyes closed for 30 seconds.

Vision Care Specialists

It only takes a few minutes to get relief from sore eyes. Remember to take breaks from computer work at least once an hour. For more help, contact Vision Care Specialists.