Marc by Marc Jacobs

There is something of a truism in a fashion that the most daring and fashion-forward styles come with a premium price tag. Marc Jacobs, however, is brave enough to buck the ostensible rules. Through his Marc by Marc Jacobs line, the runway designer delivers inspired, fashionable looks at affordable prices.

The Man, The Label

Marc Jacobs started young in the world of fashion, launching his first line of sweaters and winning awards at age 21. As the years passed, he branched out into other areas of fashion, and his label became highly sought after. It was in 2001 that he started the Marc by Marc Jacobs line, aiming to bring high fashion to people at low prices. Among the many elements of the line was eyewear.

A Splash of Fun

The strength of the Marc brand is in the small but playful twists on classic designs, breathing new life into retro style. Marc Jacobs eyewear designs incorporate elements that allow for well-known shapes to gain a fresh look, by creatively twisting metal, or by the striking use of flat metal with colored mirror lenses.

Basic Comforts

The Marc Jacobs line plays with the familiar to bring us something new. It still retains a sense of simplicity in form and construction that not only appeals to those who enjoy a clean aesthetic, but also those who are looking for a well-known brand at a good value. This is fashion everyone can afford and enjoy, along with the promise of timeless style.

Vision Care Specialists is proud to offer eyewear from the Marc by Marc Jacobs line to serve the Denver area. Whether you’re coming in for an eye exam, or you just want to find some new sunglasses, we will help you look and see your best.