Matsuda & EyeVan Now at Vision Care Specialists

Vision Care Specialists knows that whether you wear prescription eyewear or just very good sunglasses, they have to look good. We strive to carry designer glasses and eyeglass frames that are well made and have a distinct style all their own.

In our continuing efforts to bring the best quality eyewear to the public, we’re proud to announce that our store will start carrying the 2017 lines from Matsuda and EyeVan.

From Tokyo to Denver

Matsuda & EyeVan

For years, people have undoubtedly seen Matsuda sunglasses and remarked on how cool they look – and probably never had the first clue they came from Japan.

When actors like Robert Downey Jr. and Linda Hamilton are wearing them in some of their most iconic performances, they become hard to forget. And with the degree of craftsmanship involved, we understand why they’re worth the price.

The 2017 Matsuda collection makes use of timeless designs, combines them with high-quality materials such as titanium and sterling silver, then assembles them by hand with painstakingly detailed work. With certain styles and models only produced in very small batches, it’s easy to understand why Matsuda eyewear is so desired.

Fashionable Durability

Matsuda & EyeVan

EyeVan glasses have been around for a long time, making waves in the fashion scene in 1972, then again in 1985 with their catalogs and TV promos inspired by Japanese pop culture. Along the way, they’ve maintained a library of fashionable and functional designs, kept a high level of quality and turned heads with an understated appeal.

When choosing a piece from the 2017 EyeVan collection, the hardest part might be figuring which pieces go best with one’s own personal style. The 7285 series, now in its fourth year, brings updated appeal to those designs from the two deeply formative years – 1972 and 1985 – for the brand. The pieces are still handmade in Japan to exacting standards, exuding a sense of classic cool.

Vision Care Specialists

Vision Care Specialists invite you to come down and look over the newest frames from Matsuda and EyeVan, as well as our other specialty brands and let us help you find the frames that fit you best.