Maui Jim Sunglasses Fashionably Protect Your Eyes

We all know how important it is to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Unfortunately, sunglasses can be unfashionable or, even worse, opaque lenses can dull the colors of nature. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice style or top-notch vision to protect your eyes. Luckily, with Maui Jim sunglasses, you don’t have to compromise one bit.

Maui Jim sunglasses were created in Hawaii and designed specifically to give you the clearest views of the incomparable Hawaiian scenery while protecting your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun. Maui is one of the lushest places on the planet, and no quality sunglasses should dim natural beauty. That’s why Maui Jim uses PolarizedPlus2® technology to reduce glare, protect your eyes from UV rays, and enhance vivid colors. In addition, Maui Jim sunglasses are made to surpass even the highest standards of quality to protect your eyes and improve your outdoor vision with the best materials that truly last.

Maui Jim has a lens for every lifestyle, with four color choices to try. Natural Grey is the first high contrast grey lens that offers vibrant color and sharp detail, even in intense sunlight. HCL® Bronze is the most versatile lens that offers enhanced vision in any conditions. Maui Rose® is a high contrast lens that sharpens the outdoors and is best in full sun to overcast. Maui HT™ is a green lens that offers incredible depth perception in variable light conditions.

Maui Jim sunglasses have been a favorite of many celebrities, athletes, and outdoorsmen for years. Actors and TV personalities such as Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, and Andrew Zimmern of the Travel Channel have been spotted wearing Maui Jims. PGA golf stars Miguel Angel Jiménez and Matt Kuchar also rely on Maui Jims for perfect vision on the green. Fishermen, tennis players, hikers, celebrities, and stylish people everywhere are looking amazing and seeing clearly with Maui Jim sunglasses. Perhaps Maui Jim’s most famous fan is President Obama, who has been seen sporting the sunglasses on numerous occasions.

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