Meet the Colorado Vision Care Team’s Newest Member: Josh Layton

Our Colorado vision care team is excited to introduce our newest member: Josh Layton, the Office Manager at our Aurora location. Josh’s dedication to the mission of restoring sight to those with visual struggles, his uncanny ability to help patients find the perfect set of frames to suit their personal style and his exuberant personality make him perfect for this position.

Passion Born from Personal Insight
Josh is an ABO-certified optician with 14 years of experience in the field. As a child, Josh underwent three major surgeries to correct significant hearing deficiencies. Once the surgeries were complete and his hearing was restored, he was blown away by the impact of having the highest functioning senses to experience the world around him. It was at this time that he discovered his passion for service and helping people experience the fullness that life has to offer.

He credits this personal experience for crystallizing his professional passion, while his first optical manager best described the energy for the optical field. As Josh explains, “She said that we have the privilege to help restore sight to those who have visual struggles. From that moment on, this was no longer just a job. It was an opportunity to be part of a mission to help restore sight to such individuals.”

Personal Service Delivery
Josh loves the opportunity to get to know his patients and learn each person’s unique life story. This personal background helps Josh know the best way to meet the needs and desires of his patients especially when it comes to helping them select their new eyewear. “I love the fashion side of the industry. I love helping patients not only see better, but also love the way they look and feel in their new eyewear.”

Blown West from the Windy City
Josh recently moved to Denver from the Chicago area when his wife Rebekah was transferred to Highlands Ranch for her job. They’re enjoying the beauty of the mountains and are impressed by the friendliness of the community—Colorado is already feeling like home. Josh has a bachelor’s degree in music theory and composition, and music is an integral part of his life. When not at work, he enjoys singing, playing the piano and writing music. He is active in his church, serving the community and mentoring youth. Every chance he gets, he squeezes in travel.

How to Use This Information
Josh and his entire team at the Aurora location of Vision Care Specialists look forward to seeing you the next time you need an eye exam or other vision care solution. Be sure to ask him what culture he wants to experience on his next travel adventure. In the meantime, he can help to make sure your vision is optimized for your own personal journey. Please call 303-991-9600 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

Since music is an important part of Josh’s life, what songs must you have on your playlist when on a road trip?