a French brand: Morel Eyewear

Morel Eyewear

source: morel-france.com

We at Vision Care Specialists are proud to offer the new Marius Morel sunglasses and eyeglasses among our selection of high-end eyewear for our distinguished clientele who wish to make a creative visual statement.

Morel Eyewear is a French brand that dates back more than 120 years, proving that it is indeed a very reliable brand. Its history goes back to the 1880s, and the company has been run by four generations of the Morel family. With such a rich history, it is no wonder that Morel eyewear displays such a great sense of tradition in its eyewear designs. In order to better serve its clientele, Morel has fused that sense of tradition with modernity to create the perfect eyewear that merges the best of the past and present.

A prime example of that is the Koali eyeglasses line, which features modern creativity with traditional-shaped frames. Inspired by nature, the line features many glasses with unusual yet captivating color combinations. The frames in this collection are breathtakingly beautiful. The frames’ femininity and fluidity make them perfect for today’s bold woman who is not afraid to stand out in a crowd.

There is also the Chloris line, which features bright and contemporary designs that evoke feelings of positivity. Along with a diverse set of colors, the line also uses visual texture to create an inventive connection to Mother Nature. One example is using lines to reference the texture of grass.

Morel also offers more mature and subtle lines for men and women. There are also options for seniors looking for quality eyeglasses at budget-friendly prices. For the athletes, there is also a line sports eyewear available.

Morel recently received the Red Dot Award, a mark of high distinction in the world of design, in the product category with its Öga Lamtra frame. It has also won the V Award (Hong Kong) and iF Design (Germany).

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