National Eye Exam Month – Top Five Reasons to Care

August is National Eye Exam Month! Now is the perfect time to get your yearly comprehensive eye exam on the books to make sure your eyes are in good health and your vision care is up to date. However, many people put off or forget regular eye exams. In fact, it’s estimated that around 12.2 million Americans need vision correction but don’t use it, and almost 50% of parents of children under the age of 12 have never had their children’s eyes checked. These facts are concerning because eye health is extremely important to overall well-being.

Top Five Reasons To Observe National Eye Exam Month

  1. Headaches: If you have frequent headaches, a vision issue could be to blame. Untreated vision problems strain your eyes and may cause headaches. Seeing your optometrist could help find the root of your headaches and vision correction could be the solution.
  2. School performance: It can be extremely hard to focus in school (or at work!) if you are having vision problems. 25% of school-age children have vision issues, which may contribute to reading and learning issues. Getting proper vision correction can solve this problem and help your child succeed.
  3. Correct prescription: Your eyes change over time, so what worked in the past may not be working anymore. Adjusting your prescription is necessary to ensure you have the correct prescription, which will reduce eyestrain, optimize performance, and make your vision as clear as can be.
  4. Detect health problems: The eyes really are the window to not only your soul but your health. Diabetes, glaucoma, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure can all be detected during an eye exam.
  5. Prevent conditions: Diseases that affect the eye often do not have symptoms early but can have severe effects on vision and eye health later on. Eye conditions can often be easily managed when caught early. Seeing your optometrist regularly helps make sure you catch problems early on to improve treatment options. This is particularly important for degenerative eye conditions like macular degeneration or glaucoma, which can be treated if caught early.

There are many important reasons to get your eyes checked. Celebrate National Eye Exam Month this August and call Vision Care Specialists to set up your appointment today!

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