New Study on the Benefits of Laser Cataract Surgery

More than 3 million Americans will get cataract surgery this year. It is the third most common outpatient procedure. Over the past decade, cataract surgery has seen significant advancements. With the introduction of intraocular lenses (IOLs) that can be implanted in the eye for long-term vision improvement, optical surgery solutions have grown in popularity.

As evidenced by the popularity of cataract surgery, it is a safe and effective way to restore sight and improve eye health for patients affected by cataracts. However, conventional cataract surgery has a margin for error, and when working to improve sight, the more precise, the better. Now, the use of femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery with premium IOLs has helped to improve vision care and surgical outcomes. The use of laser technology reduces swelling and minimizes the time required for the procedure. This dramatically improves safety and reduces the risk of complications. Furthermore, cell damage is less likely. Laser surgery is less invasive, less time-consuming, and therefore less risky.

A recently released study reported in Optometry Times compared the results from 32 patients undergoing femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery to the results of 30 patients receiving traditional cataract surgery all with premium IOLs from the same surgeon. Key findings include:

  • Over twice as many patients achieved 20/20 or 20/25 uncorrected vision at one month post-op in the laser group vs. the traditional group (91% vs. 40%)
  • Results were especially dramatic for patients with astigmatism requiring toric IOLs
  • Improvement likely is driven by more precise lens positioning and correction of corneal cylinder

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How to Use this Information:

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