Next Gen Varilux X Progressive Lenses

No matter what your vision needs are, getting the right lens is essential. At Vision Care Specialists, we strive to provide lenses with the latest technology, giving you the best experience. Varilux X lenses are the next milestone in that mission

What is Varilux X?

Progressive lenses are lenses that correct for vision at all distances. They achieve this feat through a smooth transition between zones with different focal lengths. This allows you to enjoy the optimal vision correction no matter what distance you are focusing on.

Varilux X, by Essilor, takes this concept a step further with a brand new approach to progressive lenses.

Varilux X is intended to provide the “ultimate vision experience” by providing a greater variety of near distances. Early progressive lens designs offered only a single distance for near vision, 40 centimeters, in just one viewing direction – significantly limiting what the lenses could offer.

By contrast, Essilor’s new lenses can handle multiple near distances.

They provide a 40- to 70-centimeter near-length “sphere” of vision in all focal directions.

Varilux X Offers the Highest Match for Your Vision Needs

According to Optometry Today, Varilux offers as high as a 75 percent match for the wearer’s visual needs within the arm’s length. This compares favorably to the 59 percent benchmark accomplished by high-end progressive lenses available until now.)

The remarkable visual fluidity offered by Varilux X will have immediate “real world” value.

As Generation X enters the 40s and beyond, they increasingly find that conventional progressive lenses are a hindrance to multitasking. Particularly in today’s high-tech workplace, it’s crucial to be able to move rapidly from one screen, document or work surface to another.

Unfortunately, many people now find themselves delayed as they seek the “right” viewing angle.

Varilux X will make this problem a thing of the past for those interested in a premium visual experience. Essilor has even released new protocols for measuring near vision behavior so that each patient can get the best results possible.

See the Difference with Varilux X at Vision Care Specialists

Vision Care Specialists is equipped to deliver the highly customized vision experience of Varilux X to people in Aurora, Highlands Ranch, Lakewood, University Hills and Downtown Denver. We are committed to showing as many people as possible the amazing benefits of this new vision breakthrough.

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