Not Your Father’s Penguin Brand

The Original Penguin brand has fared well in the 21st century, and with their new line of stylish frames, this iconic brand has found a home at Vision Care Specialists.  From its 1955 golf shirt origins with Munsingwear of Minnesota, Penguin has maintained an air of well-structured cool and affordable sophistication.  Turn-of-the-millennium thrifters, whose scouring is now the stuff of legend, unearthed countless classic garments from Penguin’s golden age and revived widespread acclaim of the brand.  In 2003 international clothing design powerhouse Perry Ellis acquired Original Penguin, and since then Penguin has expanded its reach to include a wide variety of sportswear and apparel for men, women, and children.  Glasses frames are the latest addition to Penguin’s wide selection of style offerings.

Penguin’s Underground Resurgence

If there were any doubt, “Pete” the penguin and his Original Penguin brand are back.  In 2001, the former men’s divisional merchandising manager for Urban Outfitters, Chris Kolbe, recognized the resurgence of Penguin on the underground market.  By 2003, Perry Ellis absorbed a company that had revived its bygone classic golf garment and engaged a series of celebrity figures to pump the brand.  From All-American Rejects frontman Tyson Ritter to Brad Pitt, Jake Gylenhaal and the members of Interpol, Vampire Weekend and Arctic, “Original Penguin: Be an Original” has taken on a whole new meaning.  This is a dynamic company that has successfully courted the creative class. Musicians, artists and bloggers now proudly sport Pete’s logo in a radical pivot away from the Penguin of your dad’s generation.  Today’s Penguin stands for sensibly hip.

Penguin Eyewear – Sensibly Hip

Vision Care Specialists are now offering the best of Penguin frames.  These are versatile accessories that are classically suave and effortlessly trendy, with strong lines that will boldly shape your face.  Today’s Original Penguin glasses at once relieve the glamour of mid-century America and celebrate the diversity and variety of style options inherent in current fashion.  With Penguin frames, there’s always an excuse to be a true original.  This brand has succeeded at uniting a classic American look with modern cool.  Check out our Penguin frame gallery then come into one of our four Denver area locations to try some on yourself.