Parker Contact Lenses

Parker Contact LensesSince opening in 1974, Vision Care Specialists has worked hard to be leaders in the latest optical treatment methods and also in how we treat our patients. We see eye care as more than just a procedure. When dealing with a vision issue, there could be more than one solution and no two patients are alike.

That’s why we customize our treatments to the unique individual needs of every single patient. That includes not only treatment methods but also different types of contact lenses, a wide selection of name brand glasses to fit a variety of styles, and a selection of accessories. This attention to details allows us to create results that fit your lifestyle and personal brand.

We are located at 10521 South Parker Road and are open Monday through Saturday. Please see our Parker location page to view our hours of operation.

When looking for a Parker optometrist, please contact us today to learn more about the services we offer, including contact lenses. Remember, we strive to make sure every patient we have leaves completely satisfied and we’ll help you find a solution for your vision issues that works for your lifestyle.