Plucked vs Unplucked Eyebrows

Your best accessory is already on your face! Thick, well-maintained eyebrows frame your face. A full eyebrow draws attention to your eyes and improves the look of your face. You may be shuddering remembering the pencil-thin trend of the ’90s. But 2015 is here so never fear, thick eyebrows are in! Here are some tricks to make your brows better than ever.

Pluck sparingly!

Put down the tweezers! Avoid serious plucking sessions. To give your brows the shape they need, regularly pluck stray hairs and avoid plucking too much beneath the point that your eyebrows naturally grow. Also, never, ever pluck above the brow, it creates thin and too low brows, which do not flatter any face.

Step Back!

Using magnifying mirrors can encourage over-zealous plucking. Pluck your eyebrows in natural light with a regular mirror. Do not hyper examine for hairs to pluck, you will go too far!

Better Yet: Leave it to The Professionals.

An expert waxing or threading job will give you the shape you want and longer lasting results. Also, a professional will know how to find the right shape for your face and will avoid going overboard. Request a natural, full brow and let your brow stylist do the rest.

Use Coconut Oil or Vitamin E Oil:

Apply a little dab of coconut oil or a drop of vitamin E oil every night before bed to stimulate hair growth and soothe the skin.

If You’ve Gone Too Far, Take a Break:

Take a six week break from any plucking if your eyebrows are too thin. Use coconut oil or vitamin E oil to ease inflammation from over plucking and help the hair grow back. After six weeks, leave it to the professionals.

Use a Brow Pencil:

To amp up your style, fill in your brows. Use a color that is slightly darker (only one or two shades deeper) than your natural color. Use light, upward strokes going the same direction as the hair growth to define your brows. Use the pencil to slightly darken and thicken your eyebrows, as well as define the arch of the brow and, if your brows are wide set, give your brows the appearance of being a little closer together (this can give the illusion of a narrower nose!). Finish off by using a spooly brush in the direction of the hair growth (the same direction you used to apply the brow pencil), to evenly distribute the color for a natural look.

Embrace Your Natural Shape!

There’s no better shape than the shape you already have! Use plucking (or waxing or threading) to define the shape, and a brow pencil to add that extra wow to achieve the look of thicker, fuller brows, but don’t deviate too much from your natural shape. Be you!

Get Out There:

Brows that beautiful shouldn’t be hidden away! Keep your vision in top shape and make sure you have the perfect prescription so you can enjoy seeing all of every day. Let Vision Care Specialists keep your vision clear and help you find your perfect pair of frames or contacts to complement your wonderfully bold brows.

How to Use this Information:

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