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Robert Marc for WomenVision Care Specialists is happy to offer the top-of-the-line Robert Marc brand eyewear. We believe that for a truly happy set of eyes they must be healthy and comfortably adorned, so we take great pride in offering the new lines of Robert Marc glasses and sunglasses.

Robert Marc glasses feature handcrafted frames with both classic and modern elements. The frames consist of distinctive qualities like the trademark hinge and high-quality materials like zyl (zylonite) and titanium, which further enhance the frame’s luxury with a sense of durability and strength.

The Robert Marc lines bring to life a unique sense of artistic consciousness and imagination. Many of the Robert Marc collections are seasonal or themed, making it obvious that the company strives to bring color and creativity to every occasion.

Robert Marc for MenTo better understand what the Robert Marc eyewear lines have to offer, take a look at the men’s collection, which features an array of frames with all sorts of shapes. The collection also features glasses that are both lightweight and flexible, making them an ideal investment for someone who wants to avoid the heavy feeling of glasses on the face or who is prone to breaking their frames.

For those looking to shield their eyes from the sun while making a fashion statement, Robert Marc designer sunglasses are also available and are just as great if not better than the traditional pair of glasses. The Robert Marc and Sally Hershberger collection features beautiful golden aviator sunglasses in a variety of lens colors. These sunglasses are a perfect example of the brand’s ingenious use of color to create a bold statement.

Robert Marc is a renowned brand brought to life by eyewear designer Robert Marc in 1999. His journey began when he first opened his shop roughly 35 years ago with the idea that “eyewear should enhance the vision of one’s self.” Robert Marc, the man, has maintained that idea through all of his collections to date, which led to his induction in the Council of Fashion Designers of America.

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