Rory McIlroy Expects Better Putting after LASIK Surgery

Rory McIlroy’s game is about to get a whole lot sharper. Professional golfer and world No. 3 McIlroy recently underwent LASIK eye surgery and was quick to post an encouraging Instagram photo of himself in his new, post-operation night goggles. Although the Mayo Clinic forecasts a two- to three-month recovery on average, another famous putter’s experience with laser eye surgery might bode well for McIlroy. When Tiger Woods got LASIK in October 1999, he went on to win the Disney Classic later that same month, and when he went back in for an additional eye surgery in April of 2007, he proceeded to win the Wachovia Championship the following month.

“Amazing” Results from LASIK

When it comes to golf, the value of crystal clarity cannot be overstated. After only a week of surgically corrected vision, McIlroy knew his game was poised for a vision revolution. Describing the change as nothing short of “amazing,” the golfer was thrilled to be out of his contact lenses, which had plagued him for years in conjunction with his summer hay fever. Battling itchy eyes and even trapped particles underneath the lens, McIlroy had to be alert to the possibility of vision impairment out on the golf course. After LASIK surgery, however, McIlroy was confident that his game would improve, and especially his putting. LASIK patients often notice the most dramatic improvement in their vision in an intermediate range of 20 to 30 meters; with that kind of boost, McIlroy predicts more accurate putting for himself based on an increased ability to read the lines of the greens, a tactic that can easily be compromised by any distraction in your field of vision.

Like many candidates for LASIK, McIlroy was initially very cautious. Although he had the idea to pursue surgery since he was 18, he only decided to commit to LASIK at age 26, after he had proven himself in his profession.

Upon waking up, “it was like a whole new world.” Maybe McIlroy should have gone under the laser sooner, but it’s better late than never.

How to Use this Information

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