Enhanced Comfort and Beauty with AIR OPTIX® COLORS

Air Optix Colors - Vision Care SpecialistsColor contacts have been around for years, but to venture into new eye color territory used to involve reduced vision quality and comfort and was not recommended by most optometrists.  All that has changed with AIR OPTIX® COLORS from Alcon.  Vision Care Specialists wants to help you get The Right Contacts, and these new color lenses are an exciting option for everyday or special occasions.

Available in nine shades, COLORS are the newest addition to the AIR OPTIX® family of breathable contact lenses.  Now you can enjoy the triple advantage of comfort, breathability and beauty.

Wear AIR OPTIX® COLORS to enhance the vibrancy of your current eye color or to change your eye color the same way you change your style.

Use the AIR OPTIX® COLORS Studio to Find Your Best Color

Ever wonder what you would look like with blue eyes?  What about green or even violet? You don’t have to wonder anymore.  WIth the AIR OPTIX® COLORS studio, you can upload your photo and find your perfect color.

Follow these steps to for an exciting change in eye color!

  1. Click the button below to access the AIR OPTIX® COLORS studio
  2. Upload a close-up photo
  3. Select your color
  4. Try alternative colors
  5. Schedule an appointment to get fitted for your favorite color

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