Contact Lens Care

Don’t discount the importance of Contact Lenses Care.  Contact lenses are medical devices, approved and regulated by U.S. FDA.

Watch this Alcon video on OPTI-FREE Pure Moist describing the importance of and how to care for your contact lenses.


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Contact Lense Care Instructions

Our Denver optometrists recommend that you follow this short list Contact Lenses Denver care steps we compiled to ensure your contact lenses serve you best.

  • Always follow manufacturer instructions
  • Wash your hands with soap and water before touching your contact lenses
  • Use fresh contact lens cleaning solution every time
  • Rub your contact lenses with your fingers, and rinse them with fresh cleaning solution afterward
  • Rinse your contact lens case with fresh solution, and leave it overturned and open to dry
  • Keep your solution bottle tightly capped, and avoid contact with surfaces or objects while in use
  • Replace your contact lens case at least every three months
  • Avoid smoke and other pollutants, which can enter your eyes and cause irritation and infection
  • Stick to your prescribed wear schedule
  • Don’t sleep in contacts that aren’t for extended wear
  • Don’t transfer contact lens cleaning solutions into smaller containers for travel or storage, which can compromise the sterility of your solution
  • Never wear your daily contact lenses for longer than 18 hours
  • Never wear your monthly contact lenses more than 30 days after first opening
  • Never share contact lenses



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