Eye Glasses Denver – Work and Digital Use Lenses

Our working environments require that we have a clear vision at working distances of 1.5, 2.5 and out to 13 feet, and this vision must be clear from all viewing angles.

The Solution:  Shamir Occupational Lenses

Different than a progressive lens, this variable design begins with the full reading prescription at the bottom of the lens and weakens, for mid-range vision, as the eyes rotate upward.  It’s almost like an upside down progressive – taking away power vs. adding power.


Best Optical Zone

No more tilting your head to find the best optical zone in the lens…these lenses are designed to match visual requirement with ergonomics easing neck and back strain.


Whatever your office environment; having the right lenses is critical to your success.  Our customized LifeFit™ Approach provides the best vision solutions available.  Based on a clear understanding of your vision, your unique brand, and your personal style, we take pride in making your life more exciting.  Visit one of our locations to see a certified optician and make your life more exciting.

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