Eye Glasses Denver – The Latest Trends for You

Mikli ReadingWe at Vision Care Specialists design vision solutions around the individual.  Our exclusive LifeFit™ Approach begins with a complete understanding of your vision needs and then incorporates your unique personal brand and sense of style. This provides the best eye care solutions for you.

For example, are you stretching your arms just to read the menu?  You may need reading glasses.

While we’ve all seen drug store pre-made readers, they have serious drawbacks you should consider:

  • The optical center of the lens is designed as a “one-size fits all” – but no two eyes are the same
  • It’s rare that both eyes have the same prescription – drug store readers don’t address this
  • Most of us have some form of astigmatism – drug store readers don’t correct for astigmatism
  • Pre-made lenses often have defects, bubbles, and waves – cheap plastic is just that – cheap
  • Pre-made lenses create eye strain, headaches, and even nausea


Pre-made readers are acceptable in a pinch, but do your eyes a favor and don’t wear them long term.  Great Colorado eye glass readers are available at all of our locations.

With the widest array of current options for optimizing your brand, the LifeFit™ Approach will get you into a quality pair of reading glasses with custom made lenses.  You won’t be compromising your vision and you’ll be getting more color and style than any drug store provides.

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