General Vision Services

Proper eye care is so much more than an updated prescription.  At Vision Care Specialists we provide you with a customized approach to eye care.  Bridging the latest in science and technology, our Colorado Optometrists ensure that you receive excellence in vision solutions to enhance your individual lifestyle.

Excellent eye exam services with state of the art equipment.  Staff are professional, friendly  and take the time to explain everything.  A great job by all, thanks!

— CJ P., Denver Location


The LifeFit™ Approach: we are the only Denver Vision Specialists offering LifeFit™ – our exclusive process, for ensuring we understand your individual brand and lifestyle in order to make the best possible recommendations for optimizing your vision.

Eye Exams

  • Comprehensive Eye Exams:  Our Colorado eye doctors will use state-of-the-art processes to check your eyes for common eye diseases, assess how your eyes work together as a team and evaluate your eyes as an indicator of your overall health.  With your new prescription in hand your Colorado eye doctor will help you understand all of your options including The Right Frames, The Right Lenses, The Right Contact Lenses, The Right Sunglasses, and The Right Accessories to make your world more exciting!
  • Non-Dilated Eye Exams: a comprehensive eye examination that utilizes OPTOS technology in place of dilating drops.
  • Family Eye Care: make sure to schedule your whole family for their eye care needs.  Whether you all come in together or separately, everything is more exciting when your whole family is living life in High-Def.
  • New Patient Eye Exams: if you are new to eye care what should you expect?  Our Vision Specialists Denver team of board certified physicians, certified technicians, and certified opticians will help you navigate the world of eye care and ensure that you receive the most enjoyable vision enhancement experience in the Rocky Mountain Region.

Eye Care Nutritionals

Eye Care Nutritionals: Research including the AREDS Study (a major clinical trial sponsored by the National Eye Institute, one of the Federal government’s National Institutes of Health) has shown that antioxidants and other important nutrients may reduce your risk of eye diseases and enhance your eye health.

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