New Patient Eye Exams

Eye Exams In Denver – New Patient Eye Exams for Colorado



New to eye care?

Getting a Denver Eye Exam has never been so easy.  Our team of Colorado Eye Doctors are uniquely qualified to provide a wide array of current solutions to optimize your vision.  Our customized LifeFit™ Approach provides the best vision solutions available. Based on a clear understanding of your vision, your unique brand, and your personal style we take pride in making your life more exciting.

I’ve gone to Vision Care Specialist for several years now; ever since Dr. Smith retired! They are the best that I have found and would recommend them to any one! Dr. Petrilla is a true and ultimate professional!

— Raymond C., Denver Location

What should you expect?

Our certified technicians and eye doctors will lead you through a series of tests to determine the health of your eyes as well as your vision. We use the latest technology available to capture digital images of your retina (the inner back surface of the eye).  We store these images electronically to enable us to reference them in the future as you continue to receive eye care with us.  During a Colorado New Patient Eye Exam the following tests may be performed:

  • Auto refraction – computer vision analysis to assist in ensuring that your glasses prescription is 100% accurate
  • Corneal topography – this photo maps your corneal surface, which helps identify astigmatism, aids in contact lens fitting, and helps to detect corneal disease.
  • Intra-Ocular pressure – we have many options to check your pressure, all of which are quick, easy and pain free – this is very important in identifying glaucoma
  • Retinal photography (OPTOS) – gives the doctor a 200 degree view of the back of your eye and in most cases, will replace the need for dilation.
  • Refraction – through a series of tests, using lenses, it will be determined how well you see in the distance, up close, and in between.
  • Pupils – are directly related to your brain function – pupillary reactions will be checked in both eyes to ensure that they are responding normally
  • Peripheral vision and muscle movement – these are quick and easy tests to make sure you have full range of motion and full side vision
  • Slit lamp – a microscope used to analyze structures of the eye under varying degrees of magnification


Treatment Options:

Following your comprehensive eye exam, if necessary, your eye doctor will write a prescription for corrective lenses – either for spectacle lenses, contact lenses, or both.  A certified optician or contact lens technician will then assist you with The Right Frames, The Right Lenses, and The Right Contacts to help enhance your individual lifestyle.

Take the first step and incorporate eye health into your annual wellness routine.

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