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New To Eye Care?

Getting a Denver Eye Exam has never been so easy.  Our team of Colorado Eye Doctors are uniquely qualified to provide a wide array of current solutions to optimize your vision.  Our customized LifeFit™ Approach provides the best vision solutions available. Based on a clear understanding of your vision, your unique brand, and your personal style we take pride in making your life more exciting.

Following your comprehensive eye exam, if necessary, your eye doctor will write a prescription for corrective lenses – either for spectacle lenses, contact lenses, or both.  A certified optician or contact lens technician will then assist you with The Right Frames, The Right Lenses, and The Right Contacts to help enhance your individual lifestyle. Take the first step and incorporate eye health into your annual wellness routine.

New Patient Eye Exams

Whether you’re new to eye care or just new to our services, we hope to help you see what a difference seeing clearly and having healthy eyes can make in your life. Our team of board-certified eye doctors has the combined qualifications and experience to assess your unique circumstances and provide specialized solutions so you can get the most out of your vision.

With our signature LifeFit™ Approach, you get truly personalized eye care that takes your health history, lifestyle, and more into consideration, allowing more comprehensive Denver eye exams than anywhere else.

What is the LifeFit™ Approach?

Everything we do at Vision Care Specialists is centered around the LifeFit™ Approach. This guides our services to ensure that you, the patient, come first and approaches solutions with the mindset of each patient being unique.

The LifeFit™ Approach takes into account how your vision and your life are linked and how they affect each other, including:

    • Your work life, hobbies, and activities
    • The environment in which you live, work and play
    • Your medical history
    • Your personal brand – your individual style, the way you present yourself to the world

Part of this patient-first focus includes consideration of the local lifestyle in Denver, Colorado. Long-term living in a sunny locale at a high altitude affects ocular health in subtle ways, including intraocular pressure, corneal thickness, and retinal blood vessels. Though the long-term effects are not severe, they nonetheless have an impact on how to approach vision solutions.

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Our eye exams include a varied series of tests to gather data on the eyes and detect signs of potential complications or diseases. For a new patient, these exams are especially thorough, so we can assemble a patient profile that will help track your eye health with future visits. Among our various tools, our state-of-the-art OPTOS retinal imaging technology is one of the most significant as it allows for detailed photos of the entire retina that can be captured within seconds and without the need for dilation, making the examination process quicker and more comfortable for patients. This lets us stand out among Colorado vision practices.

Additionally, our corneal topographer captures images of the front surface of your eye. From these, we can map the surface of the cornea to identify astigmatism and corneal diseases, as well as more accurately fit contact lenses to ensure they’re effective and comfortable.

Other tests that may take place during a patient’s first visit examine traits of your vision, including:

    • Refraction – using a series of lenses to assess the quality of vision at multiple ranges of focus near and far, to identify a need for glasses or contact prescriptions or verify the effectivity of existing ones.
    • Pupillary reaction – this confirms that your reflexive reactions to strong or low light conditions are working properly; these are closely linked to healthy brain functioning.
    • Muscle movement quickly tests your range of motion and peripheral vision.
    • Intraocular pressure – many test options exist and the results are used to identify the onset of glaucoma caused by heightened pressure on optic nerves.

Personalized Eye Treatments

During the new patient’s eye exam, our doctors will determine if you need corrective lenses and, if so, write a prescription for them. Our in-house opticians and contact lens technicians can then guide you to finding the right spectacles or contacts. This includes choosing cutting-edge lenses, frames that fit your personal style, options for sunglasses and UV protection, and more. If you’re ready to begin moving forward to clearer, stronger vision, then contact us online or by phone, or schedule an appointment online.

I’ve gone to Vision Care Specialist for several years now; ever since Dr. Smith retired! They are the best that I have found and would recommend them to any one! Dr. Petrilla is a true and ultimate professional!

— Raymond C., Denver Location

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