Spring 2017 Eyewear Trends Hot off the Runway and Red Carpet

Spring 2017 Eyewear TrendsFollowing Paris Fashion Week and several of the other spring fashion shows that got us off to a great start for 2017, Denver residents are eager to get their hands on the hottest spring 2017 eyewear trends for men and women. There are plenty of new trends already making their way out onto the streets, so you can start shopping for designer frames in Denver now!

Angular Shapes

We seem to have moved on from the overly large, round frames of the last few years. This year it’s all about sharp angles, cat eyes and changing the shape of the face. Expect to see lots of squares, triangles and even hexagons as summer approaches – with the sharp points often accented by small gems or flowers, drawing the eye.

Colored Lenses

Colored lenses have been around for a while, but this year the big-name designers are going with soft washes to color their lenses. Look for light pinks, blues and yellows instead of the dark reds and blues of years past. These are definitely springtime colors that aren’t quite as harsh-looking as traditional colors. You can find many of these colors in both prescription and non-prescription lenses with the help of your eye care specialist.

Two-Tone Frames

As acetate frames become increasingly popular, more designers are getting creative with color combinations. Several of this year’s designs feature two-tone frames with a lighter shade near the center of the face and darker colors on the outside. These two-tone designs make for very versatile accessories that can blend into any wardrobe. Brands like Blackfin are really pushing this look.

From the red carpet of the Golden Globes all the way to the catwalks of Fashion Week, these spring accessory trends are changing the way we choose our eyewear. Keep an eye out for the colorful, sharp new frames that make up this year’s top trends! Don’t forget to stop by Vision Care Specialists and check out these designs for yourself from big names like Michael Kors, Fendi, Vera Wang and Alain Mikli. These are the brands that make fashion, and they are available to you today.