Contact Lenses and Spring Allergies in Colorado

battling allergies in Mentor OH

Are you a Colorado local who is suffering from a sudden onslaught of spring season allergies? Allergies invade your day-to-day and can make simple daily tasks almost unbearable. Severe allergy responses can attack the eyes and cause vision problems. At Vision Care Specialists, we understand that having eye allergies and contacts is a detrimental mix that can increase eye irritation and other uncomfortable allergy-related symptoms. Below are some helpful treatment options and solutions we provide to ensure better eye health no matter what the season!

Battling Allergies

Springtime in Colorado is a lovely sight to see when your eyes aren’t bombarded with invasive allergens. Certain allergy irritants like pollen increase during spring and can cause many debilitating symptoms. Dust mites, mold, pet dander, and other allergy triggers often affect your eyes year round. It might be time to visit our Vision Care Specialists facility if you are experiencing any one of these troubling allergy-triggered symptoms:

  • A burning sensation
  • Eye redness
  • Constant itchy feeling
  • Thicker than water eye discharge
  • Unexplained swelling around the eyes

What can you do when your eyes are suffering? Setting up an appointment with a trusted local Cornea doctor is a very specific and impactful way to encourage better eye health. Your Cornea specialist can provide insight on what eye irritant triggers are and how to avoid or safeguard against allergy season. Our eye doctors at Vision Care Specialists use their expertise to ask pertinent questions, examine and diagnose, then treat your eyes with effective solutions.

Getting to Know You

Here are some of the questions our experts can help you answer:

Do I need dry eye treatment?

If you are continually struggling to create tears, eye redness, sensitivity to light, and/or feel like your eyes have something in them, you may require dry eye treatment.

How do eye allergies and contacts combined effect my eyesight?

Contacts during allergy seasons are vulnerable sticky surfaces that pollen and dust cling to. Investing in eyeglasses is a simple solution to give your eyes relief during high-pollen count seasons.

If it’s not allergies causing my eyelid swelling, could it be something else?

Eye cellulitis is a bacterial infection. It is often triggered by a skin injury and can cause swelling, irregular lid color, or other symptoms. We provide quality eye cellulitis treatment at our facility.

If you are an allergy sufferer and need an expert opinion, our local Colorado Vision Care Specialists team provide that and more. Don’t just “get by” this season! We can treat and provide you relief from allergies so you can thrive all year round. Visit our website and set up an appointment today. Our eye experts can help your eyes see a bit clearer this allergy season!