Sunglasses Denver: Look Slick this Ski Season

Skiing in style can be a struggle. The wicked early wakeup, the puffy pants and parkas, and the schlep to the slopes can throw a wrench in your fashion sense. Yet without fail, there are always people who zip past you down a black diamond looking straight out of a magazine ad. From boots to sunglasses Denver has sales on every item you’ll need on the mountain. Don’t let crampons cramp your style; follow our tips for looking hip this winter.

Coat: Winter coats become more and more advanced each year, so it’s becoming easier to find coats that do it all. Look for slim, tight coats that are also warm, waterproof, long (with a snow-skirt), and have abundant pockets. Make sure you have a good place to put your ski pass! Also, look for a bright color, print, or pattern that’s easy to spot on the mountain.

Pants: Your ski pants MUST be warm and waterproof, especially if you’re a snowboarder, but nowadays there are plenty of fashionable pants that fit that category. Find a color or pattern to match your coat!

Skis and Boards: Not only do today’s skis and boards provide the most smooth, precise rides ever, they also are designed with wicked cool prints. Pictures or large patterns are growing common, and skis usually start an image on one ski and continue it on the other, rather than having two symmetrical skis. Check out 2014’s coolest designs!

Eyewear: Depending on your taste and preference, you can find both sunglasses and goggles that will make you one sexy skier. While goggles are more effective at blocking wind and cold, both sunglasses and goggles will protect you from the bright sun and reflections off the snow. Browse our selection of Denver sunglasses, including dark mirrored lenses that heat up the mountain. You can also find prescription sunglasses and ski goggles!

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