My appointment with Dr. Hulse was the best eye appointment I’ve ever had. He is easy going, punctual and professional. He explained everything he was doing and why he did it as well as making sure to answer any questions that I had. He was not condescending or impatient. I would give him 5 star bedside manner. His staff was very friendly and helpful. They make a fabulous team.

— Lakewood Patient

I originally came in to see Dr. Gerlock because my eyes were irritated and I had trouble even just keeping them open at times. I was a long time contact wearer, since about middle school, and had always worn Acuvue brands. The office got me in right away and Dr. Gerlock was able to examine my eyes and help me on my way to relief. She determined that the irritation was caused by the contacts. She explained that the two-week type contacts are not ideal and can cause irritation. She provided me with several samples of dailies and helped me see, literally, that it is time to make a switch in the contact brands that I use. My eyes are comfortable now and i have no problem wearing contacts on a daily basis now, which I am so thankful for. Dr. Gerlock walked me through what I was doing wrong and pointed me to a better product. These are truly the best lenses I have ever tried.

Thank you!

— David K., Aurora Office

I have issues wearing contacts because my eyes are very dry and I work long hours in front of the computer. The MD was great when she saw me, and gave me many options and suggestions not only to make contacts more comfortable, but to also make them the best value. She gave me plenty of samples to try, and told me to get back to her when I have made a decision. I feel like I have plenty of options to make the most informed decision. So far the contacts have been great, and all the suggestions have been helpful.

— Kristin Clark, Denver

Testing out contacts again was a great idea as my first experience didn’t go as well as planned. I was able to get better contacts that work noticeably better and the customer service is by far the best I have received in Denver. I have already recommended the Vision Care Specialists to friends and will continue to do so for friends or family in need of Vision Care.

— David D.

Loving my new contacts and I can not say enough about the staff and the doctor!!! Everyone is so nice and professional. Thanks again!

— Sondrena D.

Best Lens I’ve tried! Very comfortable perfect for all day wear that doesn’t dry my eyes out. Long wearing and heavy duty. Haven’t ripped or torn like a lot of my other lenses. Love them!

— Caitlyn A.

What a wonderful experience I had at Vision Care Specialists! I was new in Colorado and was recommended to VCS from a co-worker. As a first time patient, I felt welcomed and very well taken care of. The lenses that I was challenged to try have been phenomenal. I have never had a more comfortable lens, and I feel like my vision is sharper than it has been in years. I would recommend the new Bausch + Lomb “Ultra” to any fellow lens wearer!

— Melanie C.

Yes, I love the contacts – Bausch & Lomb Ultra. They are super comfortable. My favorite so far that I’ve ever worn.

— Pam C.

I visited Dr. Petrilla and was fitted for contact lenses. She was very helpful in getting the right fit and prescription for me. The contacts are very comfortable. I’m almost worried I will forget to take them out at night because I don’t even think about them. These are the most comfortable contact lenses.

— Juli S.

I was very reluctant to try contacts. Now that I have tried them, I LOVE them! They are especially great in the sun, holding the baby, and I feel they work better for my eyes in night driving, compared to my glasses. I am so happy I took the challenge. Thank you Vision Care Specialists for working with me to get the perfect pair.

— Erin H.