I originally came in to see Dr. Gerlock because my eyes were irritated and I had trouble even just keeping them open at times. I was a long time contact wearer, since about middle school, and had always worn Acuvue brands. The office got me in right away and Dr. Gerlock was able to examine my eyes and help me on my way to relief. She determined that the irritation was caused by the contacts. She explained that the two-week type contacts are not ideal and can cause irritation. She provided me with several samples of dailies and helped me see, literally, that it is time to make a switch in the contact brands that I use. My eyes are comfortable now and i have no problem wearing contacts on a daily basis now, which I am so thankful for. Dr. Gerlock walked me through what I was doing wrong and pointed me to a better product. These are truly the best lenses I have ever tried.

Thank you!