I have astigmatism and contacts are usually such a pain. Contacts for astigmatism aren’t comfortable but contacts not for astigmatism don’t give me clear vision. Dr. Gerlock had me try Aqua Comfort Plus for astigmatism and they are by far the best contacts I’ve tried! Clear vision and comfort through out the day. I wear contacts only on occasion so usually my eyes get irritated from not using them regularly but with these I can’t even feel them and I wasn’t dying to get them out at the end of the day. So happy to finally have enjoyable contacts!

— Dawnelle R.

I just started wearing Bausch + Lomb ULTRA contact lenses a couple weeks ago, and so far they are great! I am originally from Virginia and moved to Colorado a year ago. The first thing I noticed when I moved here is that the altitude dried my eyes out a little, so I could not wear my contacts for too long before they got really dry and uncomfortable. So far with these new contacts, I have not experienced the same issue. They are very comfortable and affordable. I’m a fan!

— Drea E.

My entire family loves Dr. Petrilla. She is an outstanding doctor. Dr. Petrilla is highly skilled and extremely friendly and nice. She is the epitome of an A+ rating!

— David W., Lakewood Location

This was my first visit, but I do plan to go back for future visits. Dr. Guo was very professional and friendly. He made sure to ask clarifying questions and also confirmed that all of my questions and concerns were answered. I felt great about my visit.

— Nicole T., Lakewood Location

Always courteous and polite. I trust them with my eye health completely. The front office is always very upfront about cost and have my best interest at heart. I have recommended Vision Care Specialists to a friend and he loves it here too!

— Dezirae P., Lakewood Location

The staff was very friendly and willing to spend time with me to make sure that all of my questions were answered.

— Patrick M., Lakewood Location

I have received only the very best care in this practice. The knowledge and compassion of the staff has been outstanding! Dr. K presents with an excellent bedside manner and patiently explains details of visits and medications in layman terms. The entire staff reflects this same gentle demeanor. Would highly recommend this practice to my friends and family.

— Kathryn M., Lakewood Location

I really appreciated Dr. Guo’s enthusiasm. When he asked if I had any significant health issues or information since my last visit, I wasn’t sure what to include. I decided to tell him about something that I thought would be completely unrelated to eye health. However, he thanked me for the information and explained about this possible issue can affect eye health and that eye health issues can also indicate other health issues. Excellent information.

— Susan Y., Lakewood Location

Very prompt, friendly, and knowledgeable staff and doctors. I chose your office because you are on my vision insurance and I am glad that I did.

— Matt H., Lakewood Location

We drive quite a distance just to see Dr. Petrella. She is one of the most amazing eye doctors we have gone to. She is not only extremely knowledgeable but also so courteous, attentive,kind and understanding. She makes her patients feel like they are special, which is appreciated. I just cannot say enough good things about her. She is a big asset to Vision Care Specialists.

— Hailey H., Lakewood Location