The Tacky Holiday Sweater Showcase

As we enter the season of holiday decorations galore, we can’t forget to decorate ourselves. In the past couple decades, tacky holiday sweaters have become a phenomenon, and rightfully so: they are perfect for taking the holiday spirit wherever we go. Sweaters can have anything from a cheerful holiday pattern to a jarring, decorative display, complete with bells, bows, tinsel, and more. In order to fully enjoy tacky sweaters and other sights and delights of the holidays, stop by Vision Care Specialists for all your family eye care needs, and study our Tacky Sweater Showcase right here!

What Is A Tacky Sweater?

We all know what a sweater is. But what makes it a tacky sweater? Merriam-Webster defines tacky as “not having or exhibiting good taste, as marked by lack of style.” In other words, the sweater looks bad, unfashionable, or downright goofy, usually due to clashing colors, bizarre pictures or patterns, or strange items stitched into it. The phrase “ugly sweater” is often used too. Whether you’ve been invited to a tacky sweater party or just want to express your seasonal joy, we can help you find the perfect addition to your holiday wardrobe.

How Did The Tacky Sweater Trend Start?

A TIME article traces the origin of today’s tacky sweater trend to the 1980s. Of course, sweaters have existed since the 19th century, and without a doubt a few have always been a bit off, but the first widespread celebration of such tackiness is really attributed to one man: Cliff Huxtable, the protagonist of The Cosby Show, played by Bill Cosby. Though Cosby’s reputation has been tarnished recently, it is debatable whether or not he should be erased from the tacky sweater hall of fame.

The show sparked a trend in the 80s that slowed during the 90s but returned with a vengeance in the early 2000s, with a twist: whereas people previously wore these sweaters with a fairly un-ironic festivity, now they have now come to symbolize the excesses of the season in a lighthearted way. They have become so popular that December 18th has officially been named National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day!

Tacky Sweaters | Vision Care Specialists

Though not very fashionable himself, Colin Firth certainly rang in the tacky sweater revival by wearing this classic example of the genre as Darcy in the movie Bridget Jones’s Diary. He also reflects the new trend to wear these sweaters at holiday celebrations.

If you’ve been invited to a tacky sweater gathering this year, don’t panic.  There are a multitude of outlets where one can acquire great holiday garb inexpensively.  First stop might be Goodwill or your local resale shop. If that fails, the website (I’m not kidding) provides links to a myriad of websites that provide festive sweaters for the whole family to fit any taste and budget.

Need some new eyewear to match your tacky holiday sweater?  Vision Care Specialists doesn’t stock tacky eyewear, but we can fit you in a great pair of frames to enhance your look this holiday season.  Call us at 303-991-9600 to schedule an appointment or stop by any of our four Denver area locations.