Top Eye Care Brands

Colorado eye careMany people worry about their under-eye circles, eye area wrinkles, and dryness, but most see these issues as purely cosmetic. However, eye care specialists know that these signs can also stem from issues with a direct bearing on your health: sun exposure, skin damage, and poor hydration are just some problems that affect both one’s looks and one’s health.

Keeping your eyes healthy includes selecting the right products to care for the eye area. In addition to cosmetic benefit, top eye care creams, and oils can help your eyes feel refreshed, comfortable, and energized. Brands that produce high-quality, effective eye products tend to use active ingredients to deliver health and beauty benefits.

First Aid Beauty

This company offers eye creams that use plant extracts to reduce puffiness and hydrate the eye area. Their product is easy to apply, is lightweight, and lasts all day. The natural ingredients help protect the sensitive eye area from irritation.

Drunk Elephant

Drunk Elephant eye serums enjoy a well-deserved reputation for high quality. Peptides and collagen deliver a rejuvenating effect and skin protection.

Kate Somerville

Skin care specialists regard retinol as the golden bullet for damaged skin. Kate Somerville eye products use a formula that combines the effectiveness of retinol with a gentleness that makes it safe for the eye area.


This top skin-care company offers some great eye products as well. The Hydro-Boost Eye Gel-Cream provides excellent hydration thanks to hyaluronic acid. The coolness of the gel adds a refreshing feeling for tired eyes.


Murad products also contain retinol, creating a blend that works specifically for the eye area. Marine kelp extract adds the extra benefit of reducing darkness.

La Roche-Posay

Based on extensive studies, this line of eye products uses research results to address common eye area problems. The Pigmentclar Eyes cream helps with skin damage as well as the deeper issues of poor microcirculation.

Tips for Caring for Your Eye Area

In addition to using top-tier, safe products, some healthy habits can keep the skin around your eyes in excellent condition. Sunscreen is essential; many products contain it as an added component. Be sure to use sunscreen that is safe to apply near the eyes. Regularly wearing sunglasses when you go outside can also help protect your eyes and the area surrounding them.

Proper nutrition and hydration also play a significant role in maintaining eye health, in addition to regular check-ups. When you need an eye doctor in Colorado, Vision Care Specialists professionals are here to help. To discuss the optimal regimen for your eyes, schedule an appointment with us online.