Transitions Optical Teams up WIth Rolling Stone Magazine

Transition lenses, though practical, don’t often conjure the hippest mental image. Most people don’t imagine fashion-forward rock stars wearing glasses that turn to shades when they step outside. However, they do! The transition lenses of today from Transition Optics are new, improved, and more stylish than ever. These are not your Grandpa’s transition lenses.

Transition lenses are great for a number of reasons. UV protection is crucial to eye health, and transition lenses allow you to wear your prescription lenses outdoors with full sun protection, without the hassle of carrying around prescription sunglasses. The ease and convenience of transition lenses keeps your vision sharp and your eyes healthy, whether you’re indoors or outdoors.

In the past, many would-be users who could have really benefited from wearing transition lenses didn’t go that route because they felt Transitions weren’t cool and didn’t change back to clear quickly enough once they went back indoors. This is simply no longer the case! Transitions Optical offers a suite of lenses for different needs, all of which change from clear to dark in under a minute.

In addition, Transitions Optical has teamed up with the coolest name in the game, Rolling Stone, with the “See Life through a New Lens” campaign, which kicked off at the SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas this March. In addition, Rolling Stone and Transitions Optical have launched a six-part digital and print editorial series showing different artists on their “Dawn to Dusk” journey with transitions lenses. Each artist will be featured in a short video that will be available on the Rolling Stone website. The campaign will conclude on August 1, 2015 on the Rolling Stone Stage in Chicago, Illinois after months of high energy performances across the U.S.

The campaign seeks to show Transitions Optical in a whole new light: hip, functional, and modern. Transitions Optical has come a long way since its launch in 1991. Transitions Optical is all new and better than ever with cool and stylish frames, seamless indoor to outdoor transition lenses, and a hip new image and partnership with the famously cool Rolling Stone. See what Transitions Optical could do for you, and try the best transition lenses on the market today!

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